When to Repair VS When to Replace a Roof

Roof Inspection Daytona Beach FLIf your roof looks a little worse for wear or shows signs of dangerous damage, it’s often difficult to tell whether you will get more value from repairs or a replacement. In most cases, a repair cost less upfront while a replacement is much more likely to provide a lasting solution. Knowing when one is the better choice than the other depends on your situation and a reliable roof inspection in Daytona Beach, FL. Here are a few factors that an experienced inspector can use to help you inform your decision:

Age – Older roofs are rarely worth the cost to repair unless they’re made from a highly durable material like slate or tile. When traditional shingle setups start to suffer from years of service under the pressure of the elements, many contractors are likely to recommend replacement.

Damage – In cases of damage from weather or other sources, the exact nature of the situation matters. If you’re only missing a handful of shingles, you might be better off saving your money and opting for quick repairs. For more extensive issues, however, fixing all of the damage might be nearly as expensive as replacing the whole roof and still leave you vulnerable to future problems.

Plans – Consider your future. If you plan to move soon, that might impact the value of investing in a replacement that you won’t benefit from for long.