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Four Causes of a Leaky Roof

roof with white chimneys and red shinglesLeaky roofs are very common and can occur at any time of the year. Troublesome as they may be, it’s important that the source of a roof leak is identified and fixed as soon as possible. With professional residential roofing in Daytona Beach, FL, you can take quick action to fix the problem before it worsens. The following are some of the most common ways roof leaks occur.

Problem shingles
It is not uncommon for severe weather to cause damage to shingles. A roofing contractor will look for shingles that may be loose, cracked, or missing entirely.

Roof vents
Vents (or any form of penetration through the roof) must be sealed properly. The gaskets around vent pipes should be inspected for cracks, gaps or missing nails.

Gutters that are clogged with leaves or other debris can slow the flow of water runoff. If water is present on the roof for too long, it can start to soak through, resulting in a leak.

The chimney
The flashing surrounding a chimney covers up a fairly large gap between the chimney and the roof. It tends to pull away or rust over time, thus becoming a prime source of leaks.

To avoid any leaks from occurring in the future, remember to schedule regular inspections, perform general maintenance, and have repairs completed as quickly as possible.

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